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 Weftec Show 2019_Water and enviromental solutions Conference


WEFTEC Conference 2019


Chicago, USA 

The world’s largest water and environmental trade show, WEFTEC, was held in Chicago this year, bringing to the windy city industry experts and companies at the forefront of water solutions.

As a regular WEFTEC attendee, Apex travelled again to the US to meet with experts and expand our knowledge and learn of new ideas in the field.


Installing aqua barriers on Dampier Salt Project 001small Apex Envirocare

5 Star Safety Award: Dampier Salt Project

The use of Aqua-Barriers has enabled our client to be awarded the annual 5 Star Safety Award. As an already approved supplier, Apex Envirocare was selected to assist in the project. The brief required the culvert to be dammed so that a remote-controlled water blaster could be used to clean out the culvert. Apex Envirocare supplied the Aqua-Barriers to make the operation quicker and safer.


C Mudcat working at mine site

Exclusive Australian Distributors


We have recently been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributors for Mudcat and IMS Dredges from the USA.  IMS Dredges is one of the world's leading suppliers of one truck transportable, self-propelled dredging systems for maintaining rivers, lakes, canals and other inland waterways.  IMS has supplied hundreds of dredging systems in over 60 countries around the world.  Mudcat leads the industry in remote controlled, automated and ROV dredging technology and regularly supplies major engineering firms, governments and contractors worldwide for high profile dredging projects.

2018 03 29 16.20.37 

Apex Desludge Minnawarra Lake, Armadale

One of our most recent projects is the desludging of Minnawarra Lake, in Armadale.  Apex Envirocare won this open tender which forms part of major upgrades being undertaken by City of Armadale.  The goal was to remove the built up sediment in order to improve the water quality in the lake as well as to create more volume.  Environmental monitoring was conducted during the project to ensure water quality was not compromised.  Large GeoPro Desludging Tubes were filled with the sediment that was removed from the lake, which not only contained the drying sludge but also removed any odours that may have been present.