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Our new electric remote controlled Mudcat allows us to work on high risk ponds or tailings without an operator onboard.
This state of the art dredge is radio controlled with all the gauges normally available on the dredge present on the hand held device.  In this way the operator can remain firmly in control of the dredge yet remain safely onshore. 

The powerful electric Mucdat 40E comes complete with a number with a number of important safety features including; lateral sense, bottom sense, dredge wheels, auto greasing and radio control.  This ensures that not only are personnel working safely but lined lagoons are protected too.

The Mudcat 40E is also an ideal partner for the GeoPro™ Desludging Tubes which can successfully dewater the pumped slurry.  

Please contact us for purchases of any of the Mudcat range including the LWT Mudcat 30E, LWT Mudcat 40E and LWT Mudcat 50E

Additional custom options are available for specific project requirements including Flow Sense, Solid Sense, Auto Sense, Stainless Steel and Sacrificial Anodes.