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The GeoPro™ Microdredge is a compact diesel driven, versatile sediment removal system.
It is used to remove sediment from constructed wetlands, municipal lakes, storm water retention basins, estuaries, and WWTP lagoons.  The Microdredge can pump the sediment into our GeoPro™ Desludging Tubes which filter and retain the solids, and release the clear filtrate back to the waterway via a gravity fed drainage channel.  Alternatively the sediment can be pumped into drying beds, or elsewhere to suit the client's requirements.  For work on lined ponds wheels are added to the base of the cutterhead.

The Microdredge has its own purpose built trailer which can be towed by a standard 4x4 and is easily launched into sensitive environmental areas.  The hydraulic tilting trailer allows the dredge to be launched and retrieved in areas inaccessible to a crane.

The diesel powered dredge is powerful enough to cope with elevations and pumping distances commonly faced on typical project sites.  

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